Chart for Marxism and Postmodernism

Marxism and Postmodernism   Socialism 2011   Dana Cloud Postmodernism defined: “the contemporary movement of thought which rejects totalities, universal values, grand historical narratives, solid foundations to human existence and the possibility of objective knowledge. Postmodernism is skeptical of truth, unity, and progress, opposes what it sees as elitism in culture, tends toward cultural relativism, and celebrates… Continue reading Chart for Marxism and Postmodernism

“No angel”: A disturbing, dehumanizing pattern

Let these facts be entered into evidence: 1. George Zimmerman was acquitted July 14 after chasing down and murdering Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen. Zimmerman's assumption was that because Trayvon was Black and wearing a hoodie, he was an "f***ing punk." He was, after all, "no angel." 2. Marissa Alexander, a Black woman in Florida,… Continue reading “No angel”: A disturbing, dehumanizing pattern

Office Hours (for my students in feminist theory and rhetorical criticism)

Resistance to the regulation of women's bodies grows in the red chair. We prepare for world traveling where, like Maria Lugones said, we learn to love each other, to listen for the contexts of oppression, to avoid the arrogance of the therapist, to study the words --and other actions-- of women resisting the colonization of… Continue reading Office Hours (for my students in feminist theory and rhetorical criticism)

REMAINS TO BE SEEN: “Our Body” as ideology

Katie (who gets credit for this title), Samantha, and I got sucked into the "OUR BODY" exhibit at UT's Stark Center, which houses a "museum" dedicated to the instillation of norms of human "fitness." Named after fitness gurus Joe and Betty Weider, its galleries include a huge, rotating plaster cast of a statue of Hercules,… Continue reading REMAINS TO BE SEEN: “Our Body” as ideology