Giving Notice She asks, did you feel that, or was it Hugo under the bed? Hugo indeed had flattened himself against the floor under the bed, like he does in elevators. I said, I didn’t feel anything. Most significant tremblor in decades it turns out. Tonight there will be fireworks for atrocity children in cages… Continue reading Notice

Trans Migrant Murders and the Importance of Intersectionality

Transgender asylum seeker Johana Medina, a refugee from El Salvador, died in ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) custody on 1 June, the first day of Pride month. Medina is the 23rd transgender person to die in ICE custody. The horrific deaths of trans persons detained by Immigration and Customs and Enforcement are murders, and blame… Continue reading Trans Migrant Murders and the Importance of Intersectionality

Texas Socialist Conference November 3-4 2007

TEXAS SOCIALIST CONFERENCE 2007 BUILDING THE REVOLUTIONARY ALTERNATIVE Saturday - Sunday, November 3 - 4 University of Texas at Austin The 2007 Texas Socialist Conference is a two-day event that will bring together socialists and other activists who are involved in struggles across the region -- from opposing the war to organizing against the… Continue reading Texas Socialist Conference November 3-4 2007

In defense of protesting the Minutemen

San Antonio students speak out about their protest of Minuteman Chris Simcox last week: Why we shut down Chris Simcox last week Issue date: 4/16/07 Section: Letter to the Editor A multi-racial coalition of students and workers shouted down an attempted speech by Chris Simcox, founder of the vigilante Minuteman Project. Many students disagreed… Continue reading In defense of protesting the Minutemen

Are the minutemen racists? You betcha.

Southern Poverty Law Center on Simcox: ISR on the Minutemen and the racist right: 2006 SW article ACLU documents Minutemen abuses The YCT's 2005 (non) immigrant hunt

No racist vigilantes on campus! Protest the minutemen on 4/10!

This just in: Protest in San Antonio shuts Simcox down. More than 700 students, faculty, and staff came out to tell Simcox that racist hate is not welcome in our state. Video at dsp_bottom.cfm&type=nod&ids=45235&play=1&format=WMV&showpoll=No and No racist vigilantes on campus ! Protest the leader of the Minutemen ! Defend Immigrants' Rights ! Tuesday,… Continue reading No racist vigilantes on campus! Protest the minutemen on 4/10!